Transition to the New Year

The end of 2017 is just a few days away. It is a time of transition. A time to reflect on the past and a time to get ready for the future.



In a Facebook group, someone recently asked, “What was the biggest surprise for you in 2017?” As I thought about how I would answer the prompt, I realized that so much has happened.

One year ago, this blog did not exist. I wasn’t even considering starting a blog. That didn’t happen until March. So much has happened since I wrote the first post at the beginning of April.

One year ago, I had not yet finished unpacking. My husband and I had recently moved from the last military duty station. I have made a lot of new friends since then, people I didn’t even know a year ago.

One year ago, my husband was still contemplating staying in the Army. Over the course of 2017, our plans for the future have changed so much.

One year ago, we were still mourning the miscarriage of our first child. In the space of this one year, our hearts have mostly healed. Especially now that we’re looking forward to the soon arrival of a new little one.

Looking forward

Many people make “new years resolutions” at the beginning of the year. The cliché is that those resolutions don’t last very long. Often, especially the ones related to diet and exercise, only last a few days at best.

Instead of a list of resolutions, I try to make a brief list of decisions. Choices that will make me a better person. I may not be able to achieve them all, but these decisions should be specific.

This year, my list is going to be different from past years. While things changed last year unexpectedly, I can expect there to be several “unknowns” in the coming year.

I’ll be a mom in 2018

In just a few weeks, I will give birth. I have read a lot about being a parent, but very soon I will get to experience it. I know enough about parenting to know that I have no idea what to expect.

Sure, I know some of the important things. I know about diaper changes and laundry and lack of sleep. But I don’t know how to mange my time when I have another human that relies on me all day, every day.

Some of my experiences will probably become blog posts. I don’t want this to become specifically a “mommy blog,” but I will share some tips I didn’t know before. Especially the tips that combine being a mom and being a homemaker.

I have a lot to do before this little boy makes his appearance. I also expect to be really busy the first couple of months of his life. Both of those reasons led me to decide that I will only write one blog post per week for the next several months.

We will transition out of military life in 2018

Our time in the Army will be over near the end of the new year. My husband has already chosen to use his GI bill benefits once his enlistment is complete, but there will still be a few unknowns surrounding that choice.

The biggest unknown will be income. He will be a college student once again, with probably only a part-time job. That will leave the remainder of our income up to me. And I do not want to leave my newborn to be able to work outside the home.

Part of our new long-term goals already involved starting internet-based streams of income. We’ll be “location independent” or “digital nomads.” Whatever term we’ll use, I need to get started now.

I learned that it takes a while to build enough internet-based business income to replace a full-time job. If I am going to continue being a stay-at-home mom, I need to build my from-home income now.

First involves this blog. In the coming year, I will start offering products. I am currently planning a calendar, some gift-able items, and maybe even a book.

Second is my Jamberry direct sales business. I have been just a consultant for almost three years now. I want to be an actual businesswoman now.

Third, I am going to start an Etsy store. I have made clay figurines for years, including my own wedding cake topper six and a half years ago. People have been telling me that I can make money with those figurines, so now I am going to actually try it.


I mentioned just four of my decisions for the new year. I have no idea how well they will work out, or if I will succeed with the other decisions on my list. What I do know is that I will give each one very diligent effort.

Now it is your turn. When you look back on 2017, how did things change for you? More importantly, what are you going to decide to do differently in 2018?

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